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Examination in the best specialized clinics has an integrated approach, and the use of sprayers technologies makes it possible to diagnose the disease in the most difficult cases. Standard examination programs include EEG (electroencephalography), blood and urine tests. To clarify the diagnosis are assigned.

Treatment of frontotemporal epilepsy. Currently, frontotemporal epilepsy is no longer a disease with an unfavorable prognosis, leading to disability and loss of quality of life.

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The cost of treating temporal lobe epilepsy in children and adults depends on the complexity of the clinical case and individual preferences.

The use of pharmacological preparations makes it possible to achieve a stable remission, and neurosurgical methods determine the optimal effect in more than 70% of cases! Treatment is indicated for patients with resistance to pharmacological drugs and with a short duration of the disease. Includes several types.

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Dropsy (dropsy edema) is a pathological process, which is based on the accumulation of transudate in the interstitial space or subcutaneous tissue.

Dropsy is not an independent disease, it is one of azelastine online characteristic of the pathologies of the kidneys, heart, liver, endocrine glands.


The pathological mechanism is based on an imbalance between the inflow and outflow of azelastine fluid. Normally, through the wall of the blood capillaries there is a constant leakage of the liquid part of the blood into the interstitial space. This phenomenon is called transudation. In cases where the return flow of fluid from the tissues into the circulatory system becomes less than its exit from the capillaries, tissue edema develops, i.e. dropsy. Depending on the location of the edema.

Specific preventive measures have been developed only for the immune form of astelin of the fetus. They consist in the use of anti-Rhesus immunoglobulin, which destroys the Rh-positive erythrocytes of the fetus, which could enter the mother's blood.
Clinical manifestations of dropsy are determined by the type of pathology.

Dropsy of the testicle (dropsy of astelin, hydrocele) is an accumulation of transudate in the space between the visceral and parietal sheets of the own testicular membrane. The volume of liquid usually ranges from 20 to 200 ml. In rare cases, it can reach several liters. The main symptom of dropsy of the testicle is an increase in the corresponding half of the scrotum.

The most common causes of dropsy in children and adults are.

Hydrocele of the gallbladder is a pathological condition that develops against the background of astelin spray of diseases of the hepatobiliary system and is characterized by the accumulation of a non-inflammatory fluid in the cavity of the gallbladder. This pathology is often preceded by attacks of hepatic colic. With a slight increase in the size of the dropsy gallbladder, it may not manifest itself clinically.